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Add side Salad with your Entree for $2.50
Romaine Lettuce, Feta Cheese, Red Onions and Balsamic Vinaigrette

All Entrees and Sandwiches are served A la Carte, All sides are at the bottom of the menu


Pretzel Bites $6

Kneaded Distraction pretzel bites with 

Beer Mustard 

Chicken Wings & Drumettes $9

Local Organic Pasture raised Chicken 2 Wings 2 Drumettes with Spicy Honey Teriyaki Sauce

Mac n’ Cheese $9

Coal Burger $12 

Fresh Ground Chuck • Lettuce • Pickles & Bunker Sauce on a Brioche Bun 

Add Cheese  $1.50 Cheddar or Provolone

Add Avocado $2

Grilled Cheese $9

5 Cheese Blend on Garlic Grilled

Texas Toast •


Bacon $3

Caramelized Onions $1.50

Pickles .50

Firebox Chicken Sandwich $16 

Pan Fried Local Organic Pasture raised Chicken Breast Tossed in Sweet Hot Pepper Butter Sauce • Lettuce • Pickles on Texas Toast

Creamy Four Cheese Blend • Buttered Toasted Bread Crumbs 

Curry Chicken Stuffed Avocado $8

Local Organic Pasture raised Chicken with

a Currant Red Onion Roasted Cashew Curry

Bunker Burger $15

Fresh Ground Chuck • Gruyere Cheese • Caramelized Onions • Bunker Sauce and Bacon on a Brioche Bun

Add Avocado $2

Wedge Salad Full $9 Half $5

Iceberg Lettuce • House Made Blue Cheese Vinaigrette • Bacon •Cherry Tomatoes •Candied Walnuts w/ Blue Cheese Crumbles 

Split Charge $1

Shepherd's Pie $11

Ground Chuck • veggies• savory gravy • topped with mashed potatoes 

BBQ Bacon Ranch Burger $15

Fresh Ground Chuck •  Cheddar Cheese • Lettuce •  Bacon • BBQ Sauce and Ranch 

Add Avocado $2

Veggie Burger $10

House made Black and White bean

Veggie  patty • Lettuce • Pickles 

and Bunker Sauce on a Brioche Bun

Add Cheese $1.50 Cheddar or Provolone

Add Avocado $2 

Mediterranean Burger $14

Burger Special

Fresh Ground Chuck • Artichokes 

Garlic Roasted Tomatoes • Pesto Fresh Mozzarella • Bunker Sauce 

Add Avocado $2

Portobello Mushroom Sandwich $12

Balsamic Marinated Portobello Mushroom

Garlic Roasted Roma Tomatoes • Artichoke

Fresh Mozzarella • Pesto • Bunker Sauce

on a Brioche Bun 

Add Avocado $2

Little Stomachs

Fried Chicken Bits $7

Pan Fried Local Organic Pasture raised Chicken

Served with choice of Ranch, Ketchup or BBQ Sauce

Cheddar Mac n’ Cheese Full $7 Half $4

Pasta mixed in Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar Grilled Cheese Sandwich $7

Cheddar Grilled Cheese served on Garlic Grilled

Texas Toast 

Add a Side

Pesto Zucchini Salad $5
Spiral Zucchini  • Basil Pesto • Cherry Tomatoes

Coconut Jalapeño Rice $3.50
 Jasmine Rice with Jalapeños cooked
in Coconut Milk

Mac n’ Cheese $5

Creamy four Cheese blend • Buttered Toasted Bread Crumbs 

Orzo Pesto Salad $5
Orzo (Pasta) • Sun Dried Tomato • Feta • Pesto


Grapefruit Curd Cheesecake $5

Topped with a House made Whipped Cream

S'mores Pie 2.0 $5

Revamped version of our Original S'mores Pie

Graham Cracker Crust • Rich Chocolate Mousse

With a toasted House made Marshmallow Fluff 

Bananas Foster Bread Pudding $5

Our Menu is All Handmade from Scratch and Cooked to order. Thank You For Your Patience!